I was in a magnificent banquet hall. Numerous tables were covered with white linen, fine china, silver and crystal. Waiters were preparing with finishing touches. A huge stage opposed the point where I was standing.  In the center of the banquet hall was a six-story platform surrounded by a cross-shaped pool. I decided to climb it. The top was ten feet by eight feet and had a couch and a table. From the platform there was a grand overview of the banquet hall, swimming pool and the celebration that was about to ensue. I was at the crux, the crucial moment in time when I had to decide whether or not to dive into the pool. I had to determine the depth of the pool. Was it deep enough to dive into? Was it too deep? I felt fear of the unknown mixed with the excitement of discovering something beyond my comprehension. I had to make my decision based on intuition, but I knew it to be the leading of The Spirit. I chose to dive.

Dive In